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I founded Namaste in Nature in 2017 in Asheville, NC with a mission of providing a respite for both mind & body from
modern stresses, anxieties and routines while celebrating and appreciating nature. 

Meet Your Local Guides

Miranda Peterson, Owner & Founder of Namaste in Nature, Lead Guide/Yoga Instructor

I have practiced yoga since 2008 and completed my RYT® 200 Yoga Teacher Training in traditional Hatha style yoga at Ayur-Yoga Eco Ashram in Southern India.

I have led or participated in international classes and training across North America, South America, Australia and Asia.

I believe yoga is for every body and should be accessible to everyone. I always offer multiple options for each asana in the practices I guide so that they are inclusive of everyone from beginners to experts. 

Before moving to Asheville and starting Namaste in Nature, I was an art director at Whole Foods Market and an international advertising agency. I am currently an independent creative consultant, specializing in the natural & organic food industry, responsible travel/tourism and wellness/yoga. 

I also love cooking healthy, plant-based meals, international travel/volunteering and learning how to live a more mindful and sustainable lifestyle, which I document on youtube and instagram.

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Jessica Griffith,  Guide/Yoga Instructor
Yoga was brought into my life during college. All I knew was my physical practice with no direction, just moving how I wanted to on my mat. I went to a few classes here and there, but I started out with a strong home practice and was self-taught. With an open mind, heart, and a strong love for yoga, I realized I wanted to share and teach it, but first learn the foundations. During my 250hr teacher training with Asheville Community Yoga, a transformation happened. Getting on the mat with others, moving, breathing, meditating together was just an awakening. It opened up my mind that yoga is not only on your mat, it’s everyday life, and all that matters is that you simply show up for yourself!

During teaching I want to be as authentic as possible, with an uplifting practice showing my true inner light. I want to crack a few smiles, all while finding that inner calmness. Yoga brings me so much happiness, and I hope it does the same for you as we practice together.

When I’m not going through the motion of standard poses, you’ll usually find me upside-down. I have a strong love for inversions, arm balances, or any balance poses really… I also find balance through slacklining and rock climbing. I am an outdoor enthusiast and I get outside as much as possible. I believe coming back to nature is my reset button. 

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Rebecca Schultz-Burger, Social Media/Marketing Intern, @natureyogalove 

A Native Wisconsinite, I moved to Charlotte area 15 yrs ago where I met a beautiful yogi soul named Megan who introduced me to my first yoga class at Charlotte Family Yoga. That first class changed my life forever.  Finding a positive, healthy way to manage stress, maintain a healthy weight, engage with a great group of like minded really embraces everything my soul needs. Growing up in the country, I was given access to hundreds of acres of forest and lake access and my parents allowed me to wander for hours. ☀️ My summers consisted of climbing trees, collecting rocks, and swimming for hours on end. As an adult, I've found I still need that connection. I hike daily at my local state park, sit in the backyard watching my chickens eat worms under the trees, and have a genuine interest for learning new plants/animals/insects and enjoying each and everyday. 🌱 


Nathalie Claes, Inspired Guide/Yoga Instructor, Inner Wild Yoga

I found my yoga roots whilst traveling and working as an environmental educator on a remote corner of Lantau Island, Hong Kong. It was here that I felt a sense of grounding like never before - and experienced the joy of incorporating yoga into my everyday life. Since then I have taught yoga to backpackers in Sweden, inner city office workers in London, and now a wide array of students in Asheville. 

Deeply inspired by the natural world, my classes are a slow, juicy flow integrating alignment, balance, core work and breathing techniques interwoven wi seasonal inspiration.

I believe that the practice of yoga allows us to shed the layers of disconnection so that we can tap into our deepest selves, the Inner Wild. I believe that finding our connection once more to the wild places in our inner world is the first step to restoring our relationship with mother nature and healing our planet.

When I'm not outside exploring, you can find me singing with my guitar, dancing, or snuggled up with a warm cup of peppermint tea. 

I completed my RYT® 200 yoga teacher training at Asheville Yoga Center, am Yoga Alliance certified, and lead outdoor yoga events with her brand, Inner Wild Yoga. 

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Lindsay Coward, Guide/Yoga Instructor, Yoga Nut

I am an RYT® 200 certified yoga instructor who specializes in teaching Hatha yoga, yin yoga and meditation. My classes focus on present awareness through noticing and moving (or holding) the body with relation to the breath. 

Through my traveling yoga business, Yoga Nut, I teach with compassion for my clients and believe we must take care of our physical, mental and spiritual selves to be truly healthy and balanced. 

I enjoy reading, spending time in nature and drinking coffee. 

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Indy Srinath, Social Media/Marketing Intern, @indyofficinalis 

Indy Srinath is a homesteader, writer, and mushroom enthusiast. 🍄 She teaches creative writing workshops with Asheville Writers in the Schools and Community, co-manages a small Shiitake mushroom farm in the Swannanoa Valley, and is the Social Media Coordinator for Under One Sky Foundation (a camp that supports kids in the foster care system). She is currently majoring in Health and Wellness Promotion at the University of North Carolina Asheville and leads trips with their Outdoor Programs Department. When she isn't teaching kids or working in her garden, you can find her hiking our local trails with her two pups and doing 'yoga parkour' on our local trails. 🧘🏼‍♀️

All guides are certified in CPR, First Aid & AED, have completed RYT® 200 Yoga Teacher Training and are members of Yoga Alliance. 

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Knowing the Trees

Knowing trees, I understand the meaning of patience. 
-Hal Borland

Knowing the Trees

Knowing trees, I understand the meaning of patience. 
-Hal Borland