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Water Element Yoga Flow Video

Water Element Yoga Flow Video

I’m stoked to share the second yoga video in my nature elements series today!

This gentle, 30-minute Water Element Yoga Flow is great for beginners and yogis wanting to connect with the Water element. We’ll start with Ujjayi pranayama (breathing exercise) then flow through some traditional Hatha asanas (poses) and sun salutations followed by an antirheumatic series of motions that lubricates all the joints in the body.

Water represents fluidity, passion, creativity, emotions and sexuality. The human body is 50% - 75% water. We’ll work on strengthening, opening and relaxing the hips in this practice, as well as lubricating the joints.

Water is also associated with the second chakra: Svadhishthana or the Sacral Chakra. It is located in abdomen (sacral/pelvic area) and affects our ability to connect with and accept others and new experiences.

If you’d like a water challenge to practice off the mat, try exclusively drinking water for 30 days. Eat as you normally do but just cut out the tea, coffee, juice, soda, etc and drink only water and see how you feel. This will seriously help hydrate and detox the body. I have done this challenge before and I always feel healthier, happier and more naturally energized afterwards. And I save money too!

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Enjoy these free videos and hope to have you join us in person for a yoga hike in Asheville, NC!

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Fire Element Yoga Flow Video

Fire Element Yoga Flow Video

Earth Element Yoga Flow Video

Earth Element Yoga Flow Video