Yoga Mala for Spring Equinox

Yoga Mala for Spring Equinox

Nathalie (Inner Wild Yoga) 108 Sun Salutations at the Botanical Gardens to celebrate the Spring Equinox. It took a little over 2 hours to complete but we enjoyed a lovely sun-drenched savasana then tea and snacks afterwards! 

The Power of Sun Salutations

The Power of Sun Salutations

This morning started out a bit chilly and dreary but I am convinced our sun salutations helped bring out the sunshine during our outdoor yoga practice! ;) 

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First Journey of 2018

So excited for the first yoga + hiking + meditation journey of the season!

The morning was a bit brisk but the sun came out and warmed everything up by the time we made it to our mats!

REI Yoga For Outdoors Series: Week One

REI Yoga For Outdoors Series: Week One

I am beyond grateful and excited that a dozen lovely ladies attended my mini workshop at REI this evening when I was only expecting one third of that many. 

This was week one of a five part series I created called

I started with an introduction and a short presentation about the many scientifically-proven health benefits of spending time outside.

Then we built a foundation for the rest of the series using breath basics. I discussed and demonstrated ideal breathing exercises (pranayama) and how to get the most out of your breath before, during and after outdoor activities.

I really look forward to continuing this series the first Tuesday of every month until May! 

Carol's Birthday Weekend Getaway

Carol is one half of one of the coolest couples I know, and she picked Asheville for her birthday weekend getaway. We bundled up and enjoyed beautiful albeit chilly weather this morning during our hiking, meditation and yoga. We all loved being surround by colorful fall leaves, both clinging to the trees and softly carpeting the ground beneath our feet (and mats!). 

Yoga + Hiking + Meditation in the Swiss Alps

Visited some family recently in Switzerland and I couldn't miss out on the opportunity to do some of my favorite things in the Alps. (Cue Julie Andrews circa The Sound of Music, lol.) We hiked, meditated and did yoga amidst the mighty mountains around Interlaken. The views and memories are incredible! 

Namaste in Nature Featured in Asheville Citizen-Times

So excited and grateful to be featured in the Asheville Citizen-Times today! Click the link below for the full article about the origin and benefits of Namaste in Nature's unique combination of yoga, hiking and meditation in the great outdoors!

Hiking yoga: Sun salutations on the earth and under the sun


ASHEVILLE – Yoga, if not the way of the world, is certainly the way things move in Asheville. Whether it’s Hatha yoga or hot yoga or yoga with goats, everybody seems to bending and stretching and reaching to better health...
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Outdoor Yoga at the First Annual Nature Festival

I was honored to teach an outdoor class at the First Annual Nature Festival sponsored by Land & Lore Ecotours at the Bywater in Asheville this weekend. This was super fun, family-friendly event to celebrate the flora and fauna all around us that we sometimes take for granted. Thank you to all the lovely ladies that joined me for an hour long practice

Yoga is a fun & healthy activity to add to any outdoor festival or event. Email to include a class during your special occasion! 

Fabi's Bachelorette Yoga Hike

Fabi's Bachelorette Yoga Hike

Congrats to bride-to-be Fabi and her beautiful bridesmaids. We all enjoyed a lovely waterfall hike and outdoor yoga class (and encountered some friendly four-legged friends along the way.) The waterfall was extra water-y since we got some rain this week!

Nature and bestie bonding time... What better way to start a special weekend in Asheville?! 

Presentation & Outdoor Yoga at REI Asheville

Tonight I shared a presentation on the scientifically proven health benefits of yoga, hiking, meditation and Earthing at REI in Asheville, NC. It was wonderful to share what I've learned from doing research on these subjects, as well as my own personal experiences. 

The presentation was followed by a relaxing full yoga class outside in the park with super soft grass - perfect for Earthing - next to the building. The weather and timing were perfect as we transitioned into Savasana right as the sun sank below the horizon. 

Namaste and thank you to Bri and REI for hosting me and helping to organize this special event as well as all the lovely ladies in attendance. 

Robyn's Bachelorette Yoga Hike

We're so grateful Robyn and her bridesmaids made us a part of their special bachelorette weekend in Asheville! What better way to bond than hiking to a beautiful waterfall, meditating then doing an outdoor yoga class together? It's the perfect, relaxing way to start a fun weekend. 

Book your own bachelorette yoga hike via our schedule or email to book a private yoga hike for you and your besties! 

Women's Wellness Weekend

Today was a beautiful day for hosting a mountain yoga hike for 7 lovely ladies from Kentucky! This class was coordinated with our new partner Asheville Wellness Tours, who can enhance your Asheville adventures with unique & healthy activities like sound healing, tarot readings, massage, salt therapy, food tastings and more! 

Yoga Hiking at Black Balsam and Tennet Mountain

I couldn't have ordered more perfect weather this weekend! After enjoying the scenic drive up the Blue Ridge parkway, we took the Art Loeb trail over several beautiful balds at Black Balsam and Tennet Mountain. It's a bit more challenging because the ground is never as flat as a studio floor, but that's part of the fun! 

More Mountain Yoga

What a wonderful weekend! I got to do outdoor yoga on not one, but two beautiful mountain balds! I returned to Max Patch in the morning then camped at Carver's Gap that same night.

I started out using a mat but the grass was so soft that I eventually decided to practice au natural.

There's something magical about that mountain air and being surrounded by the Blue RIdge ranges on all sides! 

Wonderful Women's Weekend Getaway

I was so grateful that these lovely ladies made me a part of their special weekend getaway. Self-care is so important! Remember to treat yo'self once in a while!

A yoga + meditation + hike is the perfect activity for a girls weekend or bachelorette party!

Mountain Yoga At Max Patch


Scouting a new location for a yoga hike. How amazing would it be to meditate and practice yoga surrounded by the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains on all sides?!

Happy Couple Forest Yoga Hike

I very much enjoyed meeting and practicing yoga with Chris and Michelle while they were exploring Asheville. Pink Beds is such a nice place to wander around in the woods before a practice in the grassy clearing. It's the perfect place to enjoy a picnic and keep exploring the Pisgah National Forest afterwards and it's close to the Cradle of Forestry and Sliding Rock. 


Proud Sponsor of Asheville Yoga Festival

Asheville Yoga Festival was bigger and better than ever this year! The Mountain Air Market and Music centered around Pack Square and there were yoga classes with great teachers all over the city. If you didn't get a chance to go this year, it's happening again next year, same time, same place (July 27-29, 2018)! 

Waterfall Yoga Hike Private Tour

I thoroughly enjoyed a private waterfall yoga hike with Katelyn today! We hiked all the way to the top of the falls for a wonderful meditation followed by a more advanced yoga practice. 

THat's the beauty of custom tours, it's all about you and your level of hiking/yoga. :)

Contact us to book your own custom/private tour!