Awe-Inspiring Appalachian Trail Mountain Yoga Hiking Tour

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Presentation & Outdoor Yoga at REI Asheville

Tonight I shared a presentation on the scientifically proven health benefits of yoga, hiking, meditation and Earthing at REI in Asheville, NC. It was wonderful to share what I've learned from doing research on these subjects, as well as my own personal experiences. 

The presentation was followed by a relaxing full yoga class outside in the park with super soft grass - perfect for Earthing - next to the building. The weather and timing were perfect as we transitioned into Savasana right as the sun sank below the horizon. 

Namaste and thank you to Bri and REI for hosting me and helping to organize this special event as well as all the lovely ladies in attendance. 

Fabi's Bachelorette Yoga Hike

Fabi's Bachelorette Yoga Hike

Robyn's Bachelorette Yoga Hike