H A L F - D A Y Y O G A H I K E S

Our 2018 season has ended and our 2019 schedule will be live soon!
Contact Us or email hello@namasteinnature for discounts and/or to arrange private/custom yoga hikes for March - November 2019.

Discount rates available for groups of 6 or more
• Special deals for birthdays and bachelorettes
• 20% discount for yoga teachers

Yoga Hikes last 2-3 hours (excluding drive time) and include:
• 2-3 mile guided hike
• Waterfall or mountain summit view
• Short, guided meditation (inclusive of beginners)
• 60-75 minute yoga class (inclusive of beginners)
• FREE Outdoor yoga mats to borrow
• FREE pictures that will be shared afterwards



Each journey donates trees via 



If you have more questions or need more information, please read our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us.