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Winter Wellness Tips

Winter Wellness Tips

As the temperature drops, we spend more time indoors and life slows down a little, it’s important to be even more mindful of your health and wellness.

Winter is traditionally a time for self-acceptance, reflection & growth so we asked for feedback and have crowdsourced lots of great winter wellness tips for y’all!

Feel free to add your own tips in the comments below!

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First off, our friends at @ashevillewellnesstours have three great tips and activities to offer.

With the weather cooling down and the days shortening, winter is the perfect season to focus on wellness. Here at Asheville Wellness Tours, we believe in developing intentional daily practices that focus on positive health and well being, rather than prevention of disease.  We also believe everyone’s wellness journey should be individualized and specific to address the constant flux that is life and its demands.  This requires a continual “checking in” with how to bring yourself towards balance.   Self-care will vary from person to person, because it’s about you!  Here are a few of our favorite winter wellness tips:

1.  Keep Moving: It can be difficult to find time to exercise during the holidays. Try and add in a few festive activities.  A few of our favorite winter activities are hiking with family and friends, dance parties, and sledding (when the weather allows it!).  Consider joining our downtown Asheville walking tour with a wellness twist!  On our tour you can expect to learn about Asheville's fascinating history as you stop along the way to experience various avenues to wellness, and learn from the pros at unique, local businesses.

2.  Relax:  Take time to yourself, even if it is only for 10 minutes.  Commit to being present during the activities that fill you up.  Our favorite relaxing activities are going on a walk, enjoying a cup of tea, and taking a bath.

3.  Essential Oils:  There are many holistic tools, and essential oils are one of our favorites.  They help in a variety of situations, especially a winter head cold. Three key essential oils that promote immune response and breathing are lemongrass, lavender and peppermint.  Interested in learning more about essential oils? We have a number of custom retreat options, including an essential oils anointing ceremony.   

Being from Wisconsin, the key is FRESH AIR! Don't fear the cold, embrace it. Don't stay "cooped up indoors", layer up and take a nice brisk walk. It will boost endorphins, enhance endurance, and get you a dose of Vitamin D. Just choose a base layer without cotton or wood fibers as that can chill you as you start to sweat. And take extra socks! It's easier to remove layers as you get too hot rather than not have them to begin with. Better safe than sorry! And I'm never without my essential oils....I use orange, clove, and cinnamon in my diffuser as well as eucalyptus and peppermint. And remember to stay hydrated! Hot water with a lemon wedge or cinnamon stick will warm you right up without the caffeine that can be dehydrating! Treat yourself to a massage too, self care rules no matter what the season!

Here are a few quick tips: Hot lemon water (sometimes with fresh ginger too!); olive leaf extract; stay active; shea butter for dry skin - and wear gloves when outside; plenty of rest!

Hot yoga & hot tubs! @_joshkelley

photo  @ _joshkelley

I have been adding a couple drops of Yarrow|Pom and a couple swipes of Rose Touch to my face lotion and body lotion with extra focus around neck and feet to keep my skin looking beautiful. Of course I use it on my kids too! I apply directly to dry patches that need extra TLC. We are all reaping the benefits 😁@bwellwithoils

Winter brings the potential for serious seasonal depression for me. I have to change my self-care and be extremely diligent about it - two things I’m not great at. But this year, especially being pregnant, I’m feeling the need to up my game big time - adjusting my supplements, carving out dedicated time, creating the indoor space I crave, focusing on nutrition and getting creative with the time I spend with my family.

I see you Winter. Let’s do this. 👊🏼 ❄️

With grandkids ranging from 2-6 years old, there is a zero percent chance this chest rub will go untouched all winter long. I make sure I have a batch on hand each season, ready to use at a moments notice. And easy enough for anyone to use if Grammy is not around 😉

This recipe from Oil + Glass is one of my favorites!

8 drops RC
8 drops Joy
8 drops Melrose
8 drops Peppermint
1/2 cup cold-pressed, organic coconut oil

Blend coconut oil with a fork or electric mixer until fluffy and soft. Add oils, mix to combine.

Application: Rub on the chest and back 3 times per day. 
NOTE: the above recipe is at a child’s dilution (ages 2 -8)😎. For adult application, oil can be increased to 12 drops each. @bringitongrandma

Ayurveda (and life) is all about balance and in the winter we turn our attention toward balancing the cold with warmth. ☕️
Chai spices like cardamom, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, tulsi, and turmeric, work together to create balance and internal warmth perfect for the season. They also keep the digestive fire burning and the immune system nourished. Plus, they are earthy and delicious!
If you tend to run cold, make sure you include the warming spices like cinnamon, Clove and ginger. If your tend to run hot, decrease the cinnamon and ginger and add some turmeric and fennel instead, they’re cooling.
Chai spice blends can be made by simply combining spices, no tea of caffeine needed. Also important to note, coffee shop Chai Lattes tend to be loaded with sugar! Ask for a Chai tea with warm milk or an unsweetened milk alternative instead.

Last but not least, I am currently obsessed with this Chai Spiced Lip Conditioner from @burtsbees which keeps my lips feeling lovely all the while reminding me to make a steamy mug of my beloved Chai tea.

photo  @burtsbees

As the colder weather has descended around us, there may be feelings of isolation, retreat, and hibernation. ✨
These feelings can be embraced-there is love and learning to be had in moments of isolation, retreat, and hibernation.

These feelings can also leave us feeling out of sorts, not like ourselves, or alone.

In these moments, it may reconnect you by seeking out interaction of a positive nature. ✨
Maybe it is a cup of tea with a good friend.

Maybe it is a long phone call with a far away family member.

Maybe it is an evening out with laughter and close friends.

Maybe it is a favourite movie on the couch with your furriest bestie.

As we enter the winter months, a supportive community can become even more important. ✨

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