Awe-Inspiring Appalachian Trail Mountain Yoga Hiking Tour

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Spring Yoga Nidra Guided Relaxation

Spring Yoga Nidra Guided Relaxation

The intention of this practice to re-energize your internal body while relaxing your external body and mind.

I discovered Yoga Nidra years ago and it’s had an undeniably positive impact on my practice and my emotions and my mental state. I am excited to share some of what I learned in a Level 1 Yoga Nidra certification with Indu Aurora, Ayurveda & Yoga Therapist this year.

Yoga Nidra translates to yoga sleep or dynamic sleep. However, the goal is not to fall asleep. Yoga nidra can actually be more of an awakening. This practice may or may not lead to personal insights, a reduction in stress and anxiety, improvement in sleep and provide deep relaxation.

During this 30 minute practice, we'll do a gentle anti-rheumatic series of movements that are good for the joints before laying down for guided visualization and body scanning. I recommend that you practice on a yoga mat on the floor (not on a soft bed or couch) and listen with headphones to keep from completely falling asleep.

Your eyes should be closed most of the time, but if you sneak a peek of the screen, all the nature scenes were filmed here in the Blue Ridge mountains where we do yoga hikes!

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