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How To: DIY Wellness Retreat Weekend In Asheville

How To: DIY Wellness Retreat Weekend In Asheville

What is a DIY Wellness Retreat in Asheville?

Think personal healing adventure that you construct yourself by choosing which activities best suit your journey in the magical Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. Asheville is said to be a healing energy vortex for a good reason. Check out our itinerary and tips for crafting self-healing as you spend a weekend immersed in the culture.

Plan your own DIY Wellness Retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains:

Whether you’re in need of wellness weekend getaway or a self-care staycation, we put together a list of amazing activities to bring your body, mind and spirit back into balance.

Plan to spend Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon in the area.

Itinerary For Your DIY Wellness Retreat in Asheville, NC

Feel-Good Friday: 


Arrive in Asheville Friday afternoon

Check in to Air BnB, local B&B or campground

Note: There is lots to do downtown where you can walk or take an Uber or Lyft ride. If you want to explore the amazing outdoors and go hiking or ziplining, you’ll need your own car.


Plan for dinner around 5:00PM

Get a light bite and enjoy the tapas at Asheville’s Zambra Downtown and then, head on over to the drum circle!

Asheville’s weekly drum circle is FREE and begins at 6:00PM:

Watch and hear the Asheville Drum Circle downtown - drumming every Friday night.

  • More information and photos available here!

Sunny Saturday: 


Yoga hike with Namaste in Nature at 8:30AM at the best trails closest to downtown Asheville:

Most Popular Relaxing Waterfall Yoga Hike with Namaste in Nature

Most Popular Relaxing Waterfall Yoga Hike with Namaste in Nature

After all that exercise and relaxation, enjoy a nutrient-packed vegetarian or vegan brunch at Laughing Seed Cafe:


In the afternoon, book a photo shoot with Ivana to capture your inner goddess. 

Award-winning photo by  Ivana Desancic

Award-winning photo by Ivana Desancic

Book in advance! DM on her Instagram for more information.

Complete your afternoon with quality relaxation!

If you favor a facial or energy healing, check out Binah Love’s Downtown Blomkraft Studio here

  • Book in advance! 

Invest in yourself with energy healing or a facial by Binah Love at Blomkraft Studio Downtown.

Invest in yourself with energy healing or a facial by Binah Love at Blomkraft Studio Downtown.

If massage is your style, you can get quality massages at special rates by booking in advance with students through Asheville School of Massage and Yoga.


For dinner, grab a gourmet vegan plate at one of the town’s favorites, Plant

Check out a few charismatic shops like Ten Thousand Villages, Cornerstone Minerals, Earth Magick and Elementality while you’re downtown for dinner.

After all the sunshine and daydreams, take it easy and head to snoozetown. A cup of tea from Asheville Tea Company will surely ease you into a good night’s sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep after such a fun-filled day, check out our Yoga Nidra Video for a deep, guided relaxation. 

Self-Care Sunday: 


Rise and shine with a yoga class and breakfast at Green Sage Café! Check out Green Sage’s location page to find the one of the four locations closest to you.

Before breakfast, check out some of the best yoga classes in town: 


For a unique and cerebral experience to complete your healing weekend…

Check out a Sound Healing Session on Sunday at 12pm by Skinny Beats!

  • Click here for more information

Billy Zanski gives a brief demonstration of a sound healing session using crystal singing bowls, alchemy sound bowls, gongs, and didgeridoo.

Depart from Asheville Sunday afternoon with plenty of time to mosey back home. Consider journaling about your experience to reflect upon later when you consider another DIY wellness weekend!

Let us know in the comments below how your experience goes! Also, do share if you have crafted your own DIY retreat before and what you learned and loved about it. Recommendations for folks planning their own wellness weekends are most welcomed here too!

My Favorite Female, Nature-Inspired Artists in Asheville

My Favorite Female, Nature-Inspired Artists in Asheville

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